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Framed-Pool NPS Radius Wireless

Wed Jun 26, 2019 7:35 am

So I am trying to get this Framed-Pool attribute working with MT router for wireless clients authenticating against AD/NPS.
I have it configured in the NPS to return Framed-Pool="staging". On MT router I have pool setup called 'staging'.
In IP Address I have address setup matching the pool on same interface as the dhcp server for the wireless group (SSID) clients.

In the logs I can see the 'Framed-pool' response in the 'Accept-Request' radius log; and it is set to 'staging' which
is the name of the pool. And there is no 'Framed-IP-Address' attribute being specified..

But dhcp server only ever assigns an IP from the first original pool; dhcp_pool1 for the wireless group(SSID) clients.
It refuses to use the 'staging' pool from the 'Framed-Pool' attribute. So why is this not working

Note: Framed-Pool is working with VPN connections on my other MT but not with wireless 802.1x; are vlans required for framed-pool

What am I missing?

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