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Routing Media Portal Traffic On Second Mikrotik Without Passing From First Mikrotik

Thu Jun 27, 2019 6:10 pm

Hi all,
Short Story:
I want to pass/route media/sharing portal traffic to second mikrotik without passing from first mikrotik.

Ports Description:
mtk1 ether1 = WAN + DHCP (from ISP)
mtk1 ether2 = only pppoe customers
mtk1 ether5 = hotspot + pppoe customers (my dhcp
mtk1 ether4 = free port

Ip Description:
mtk1 ether ip: received from ISP
mtk1 ether5 ip:
mtk1 hotspot pool:
mtk1 pppoe pool:

Long Story:
I have two mikrotik rb750 (not G) let say mtk1 and mtk2, and i have hotspot and pppoe running on mtk1, i have internet access on mtk1 via pppoe and dhcp ip on ether1 from my isp.
My ISP has a shairing portal with multiple servers where we can download contents, ip is and When i want to download from media portal servers ISP DHCP is necessary, it give me route. And when i have route to media servers my customers also get the routes and they can also access media servers.

I have two 8 port unmanageable gigabit switch let say umswitch1 and umswitch2, my isp feed is coming on umswitch1 and i have connected mtk1 ether1 to umswitch1 so its my wan switch, and i have out ether5 to umswitch2 where i connect my customers.

The Problem:
My internet speed from ISP is 20 Mbps and the media portal server speed is 100 Mbps, i have added some mangle rules to mark packet going and coming from media servers and queues to give full 100 Mbps to customers connected via pppoe or hotspot so their service plan is 1 Mbps but when they download from media portal they get full speed. As i mention earlier i'm using rb750 and it has 100 Mbps ports and limited cpu so when a customer start downloading from media portal and chock the port other customers are disturbed cpu goes on 100% and they can not use internet.

Solution i Guessed:
Somehow i want that traffic from media portal do not pass from mtk1 and pass from mtk2 or somehow i will add a cisco switch and configure vlan and media server traffic will pass
through cisco switch, but i don't know what configuration to do.

Note: i'm not using vlan on mtk1 or mtk2 for anything now, and the main feed the ethernet wire i got from isp is coming from 3750G cisco switch port which has vlan 1634 and mtk2 do not have any configuration


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