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Queue tree for each interface on bridge mode

Thu Jun 27, 2019 11:40 pm

I have a hotspot for mobile users and home users in the same subnet. This subnet is connected through 4 bridged ports on a Hap Ac lite, but I used to work on a Hex (rb750gr3) some weeks ago. I switched to Hap Ac lite because I needed wifi interface in my router and I think it will handle the amount of customers I have. The structure is as follows:
Bridge1 contains hotspot users and home users
Lan1 is a slave of Bridge1
Lan2 is a slave of Bridge1
Lan3 is a slave of Bridge1
Lan4 is a slave of Bridge1
I set a bridge because I have an access point for hotspot users on each ethernet port of the router, on different locations.

Queue trees:
Hotspot for hotspot users, with Bridge1 as parent of the queue
CplHome1 for home users on Lan1, with Lan1 as parent
CplHome2 for home users on Lan2, with Lan2 as parent
CplHome3 for home users on Lan3, with Lan3 as parent
CplHome4 for home users on Lan4, with Lan4 as parent

When I was on the Hex, I had a queue tree "Hotspot" for hotspot users wich parent was the Bridge, and I had specific queue trees for home users on each port, as shown above, does not matter if they are slaves of a bridge.
Now with the Hap Ac Lite, I can not set a Lan interface as parent for any queue because the queue becomes useless, I have to set Bridge1 as the parent for all my queues, no matter the port.
I would like to set a Lan parent for each queue for home users, as I used to have it, because I think it will take less cpu to handle the packets for each port than handling everything on Bride1. Am I wrong about this? In case is more effective, why I cant set it up the same way? Is it maybe because of the different block diagram of each router? Thanks

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