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Feature Request: Winbox through WOOBM

Fri Jun 28, 2019 11:00 pm

Hi there,

I work with a wireless service provider with many towers scattered about the countryside here in Canada. Almost on a daily basis we need technicians to visit our Tower Boxes to bring up a site that might have gone down or to reconfigure a device that may have been made inaccessible.

We are looking at purchasing these devices to have our techs able to quickly manage these sites without too much downtime. I like the fact that this would allow our technicians to pull up in their vans and if utilized properly, could mean that they don't even need to leave their vehicles. Telnet is a great, but I must admit I am a little disappointed that these devices have no ability to perform the same functions through the Winbox port. (or that they can't be configured as such)

Ideally we would like an environment where we are able to get rid of the laptops our Technicians are currently using and hopefully have them able to do 90% of the configuration from their Smartphones or Tablets. The fact that MikroTik has a great app for this is really appealing and ultimately also really disappointing since it basically can't be used through the WOOBM device.

I have found a temporary solution to get around this using the Terminus app on Android, but I must admit it's not ideal as most of our technicians are mostly "hands-on" and really would rather not use a CLI, but rather a GUI.

Is MikroTik exploring the possibility of updating their WOOBM-USB devices? If so, could this simple feature be added to that release? I must say, it would save our company a lot of money. Especially considering how much damage occurs to our devices when boxes have to be opened in extreme weather.


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