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Routerboard Temperature Sensors

Posted: Sat Jun 29, 2019 1:51 am
by Hoov
We are using several Mikrotik devices. Some of them are SXT's (both the SXT G-2HnD r2 and the SXT G-5HPnD r2) we have one at each at the same location. The 2.4 gHz we are using as a local AP, and the 5.8 gHz is being used as a link radio to another local tower further down the line. This evening, it was cooling off and was 67°F, it had been about8 degree's warmer during the day. We got a warning that the 2.4 SXT was getting hot, 52°C. But the 5.8 SXT was only 38°C. The 5.8 SXT has more traffic going thru it than the 2.4, and when I checked Zabbix (What I use to monitor the network) it showed that the temperature rose, and then started decreasing just as rapidly. From 35°C to 57°C and then back to 36°C in 45 minutes, and traffic thru it was at most a paltry 3 Mbps.

Is this a common glitch? Is it a glitch? or is there something else going on? Is there a ghost in the machine?