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RB2011 router hard reset will not work

Sun Jun 30, 2019 7:30 pm

Have a new RB2011 IL-IN router (about 6 months old) Lost log in info. Need to reset to Admin default. Pushing the router master re-set button does nothing.
I've tried several times holding it in for 15, 30 seconds and as long as a minute and after releasing nothing happens .. the old password is still enabled. I can not log in.
Following the instructions in the manual. I NEED to reset my log in info back to default so I can change it. Is this router broken? Everything in the system and the router is working normally except I can not access the router. Keeps telling me the name and pass are wrong.

I can hear and feel a physical "click" of the switch when depressing it ... but shouldn't I see some kind of LED change or activity or hear some kind of "beep". It's almost like the switch is there and working but is not electrically connected. Help

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