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Customer Traffic through Multiple Queues

Tue Jul 02, 2019 2:01 am

Hi Forum,

Having an interesting problem I'd like to try figure out.

I use PPPoE on my network for subscribers, when they login they get a dynamic pppoe interface simple queue, lets say 10mbit.

On the transit side, I'd only like them to get 5mbit

But local resources able to get the full 10mbit.

My idea was to have the PPP on 10mbit, then create a 2nd simple queue, target is their IP address, Dst = transit interface, limits of 5mbit. This works fine, so customer can pull 10mbit locally but only 5mbit over the transit link - however when PPP and Transit link are on the same router, only 1 queue ever gets touched, i.e. if the dynamic interface queue is first in the order it would only listen to that queue, and then the opposite if the transit link queue was higher in the order.

How can I set up queues so it can limit the customer traffic on 2 different interfaces? Is this going to require convoluted queue trees? Can a piece of traffic, no matter the in/out interface, only ever touch through 1 queue at a time? THe other idea is packet marking and queue based on packet marks, however with MANY pppoe services it could add a lot of processing overhead.

Thanks in advance for assistance.
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Re: Customer Traffic through Multiple Queues

Tue Jul 02, 2019 9:27 am


How about this?
* use interface htb on customer's ppp for 10mbit limit
** if there is conflict with simple q, local traffic (not transit) could be fast-tracked, making it bypass simple queues (~hack)
* use simple queue for transit limit

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