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Need recommendations for wireless solution

Thu Jul 04, 2019 7:29 am

Good afternoon (or morning) :)

Need some recommendations on resolving a client's wireless stability issues.

We just picked up a new client that has been experiencing wireless / Internet issues. This client has a farm property with one main building (on top of a hill) and 6 cottages down towards the bottom of the hill. There is a link from the main building to a central structure, an empty water tank, near the 6 cottages utilising 2 x SXT Lite5 in PTP. This works perfectly and perfect line of sight. Tested for zero dropouts.

The issue they have is achieving reliable connection from each of the 6 cottages back to the bottom SXT Lite5 installed on top of the empty water tank. Currently the previous IT guy installed Ethernet over Power adapters which I can see are not staying connected. We would like to replace the 7 Powerline adaptors to something from the Mikrotik range that gives reliable Internet inside the cottages and surrounds.

Cottages are smallish buildings with wooden fabrication (basically 2 room units).
Distance from cottages to water tank where bottom SXT Lite5 is installed varies from 30-60 metres, with some having direct line of sight, some with trees in path. I am fairly confident we could jump from one cottage to the next if we need to avoid trees (mesh wireless perhaps)

It would be great if we could make the entire wireless setup to be known by one SSID (aka mesh).
Wifi ticketing is not mandatory, simple password authentication is perfectly fine.
Solution is so their visitors have wifi and thus Internet in each cottage for Netflix/email/browsing etc. Nothing more advanced than that.
Bandwidth controls may be advantage, but again not mandatory.

Thanks a ton guys, let me know if you need more information than above!

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Re: Need recommendations for wireless solution

Thu Jul 04, 2019 2:43 pm

I would consider the 60HZ series,
Pair up a set of these from the tower to a spot that has LOS with all the cottages.

Then connect the cottage side dish by ethernet .......
to this unit for example.....
which can then talk to up to these eight units via wifi

Just one option of a bazillion I am sure.
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