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IPSec EPA Error

Sat Jul 06, 2019 10:03 pm

Hi there,

I followed following howto to connect the mikrotik router to nordvpn: ... d_RouterOS

I don’t get any errors when entering all the information but when i look at the log with the connection it always failes with an error:
ipsec, info, new ike2 SA (I):[4500][4500] spi:8b00cc49a08e7a98:244ecddb89505d7c
ipsec, info, account, peer authorized:[4500][4500] spi:8b00cc49a08e7a98:244ecddb89505d7c
ipsec, error, EAP failed:
ipsec, info, killing ike2 SA:[4500][4500] spi:8b00cc49a08e7a98:244ecddb89505d7c

Also got the following output when putting IPSec in debug mode:
20:48:26 echo: ipsec payload seen: ENC (48 bytes)
20:48:26 echo: ipsec processing payload: ENC
20:48:26 echo: ipsec,debug => iv (size 0x10)
20:48:26 echo: ipsec,debug c26d5fb8 4df9a4d4 521e54ed 8c657fb3
20:48:26 echo: ipsec,debug decrypted
20:48:26 echo: ipsec,debug,packet => decrypted packet (size 0x8)
20:48:26 echo: ipsec,debug,packet 00000008 04020004
20:48:26 echo: ipsec payload seen: EAP (8 bytes)
20:48:26 echo: ipsec processing payloads: NOTIFY (none found)
20:48:26 echo: ipsec processing payload: EAP
20:48:26 echo: ipsec,error EAP failed:
20:48:26 echo: ipsec,info killing ike2 SA:[4500][4500] spi:995a9f4195a23eee:0094d4260cedd3ce
I am running: RouterOS v6.45.1 (stable)

Maybe someone has a basic idea what could be wrong. Thanks for the help!

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