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Firewall and Hotspot

Wed Jul 10, 2019 9:24 pm

Hello. I have a hotspot configured, we want it when the user accesses the website "" to direct to a company page. To know which company and which user are I have an internal Mikrotik page where I get the MAC and send via GET to my site ($(mac)).

For this to work I have created a Web Proxy, which intercepts access to my and directs to: (this page is from Mikrotik).

The problem is that when I open an anonymous browser window this redirection works. But when it is a normal window it does not pass through the Firewall, even though it is HTTP.

Has anyone ever had this problem? I do all this control because I need to know if the user is on a Mikrotik Wifi network to then direct, if it is in another network he accesses the site normally ..

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