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RB-4011 or CRS326 with CRS317 For Intervlan routing an the likes

Wed Jul 10, 2019 11:30 pm

Hello everyone,

First post in the forums and 1st time a Mikrotik user.

To begin with my network topology with no vlans at all is as follows
  • An ASUS router with very limited vlan capabilities or shall i say not at all
  • A cisco SG200 l2 switch connected to that router providing connectivity to 2 servers and 2 workstations
  • When the Dac cables arrive from a CRS317 connected to 4 Mellanox MCX312A-XCBT (1 card per pc). As is i don't think that it matters where i connect the CRS

In all the above i need to fit a device that's capable of adequately handling at least intervlan routing and having the essential L3 capabilities.
I could do that with the CRS317 but i've read that with the router OS the switch has ssues (speed dropping,connection droppings etc.)
Scenario 1
  • Buy a RB4011 and connect 1 gigabit port to the SG200 and the SFP+ port on the CRS317 so the RB4011 can handle everything L3.But i'm not quite convinced that it can handle that and correct me if im wrong though
Scenario 2
  • Ideally buy a CRS 326 and do the above described on scenario 1 so the CRS326 can handle the vlans only .I am concerned though that the 326 might have the same problem with CRS 317 using RouterOS .
Considering all the above please enlighten/advise me.

Thnx in advance for your time.

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