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L2 Bridged Static IP Route

Thu Jul 11, 2019 12:28 pm

With 4 L2 bridges on a RB750 I am trying to figure out static IP route (s) ?
dst-address= gateway= ?

Do I have to create a gateway for each bridge and/or for each interface port / vlan? (confused!)

Port 1 is PTP has Vlan's (a + b + c + d )
Port 2 has AP1 Vlan01 - Bridge A (port 1 + 2)
Port 3 has AP2 Vlan02 - Bridge B (port 1 + 3)
Port 4 has AP3 Vlan03 - Bridge C (port 1 + 4)
Port 5 has local admin Vlan04 - Bridge D (port 1 + 5)
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Re: L2 Bridged Static IP Route

Fri Jul 12, 2019 12:19 pm

For any point-to-multipoint interface, you can use its name as a route's gateway only to reach the same subnet as the route's destination one - or you have to set arp=proxy-arp one of the devices connected to the interface. So unless you need to do something special, assigning an IP address to the local and remote /interface bridge and configuring the address of the remote bridge as a gateway of any route you need on the local end and vice versa is usually a better option. All that is true if we really talk about L3 routing through the L2 tunnel interconnecting the bridges, not about L2 tunneling as such.
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