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SNMPv3 (SHA1/AES) too slow

Thu Jul 11, 2019 3:10 pm

I am using Zabbix to monitor some of my devices like Router, Switch, NAS etc.
I stumbled upon the problem that my Switch does not report its items in the configured time and the host is being disabled. snmpwalk from the Zabbix server works fine.

Switch: CRS326-24G-2S+
Router: RB3011UiAS-RM
RouterOS version (both devices): 6.45.1
Zabbix version: 4.0.10

For my MikroTik switch (and router) I am using SNMPv3 with the following settings:
/snmp export
/snmp community
add addresses=::/0 authentication-password="authpw" authentication-protocol=SHA1 encryption-password="encpw" encryption-protocol=AES name=monitoring security=private
set enabled=yes location=Home
After LLD (Low Level Discovery) I have > 300 Items for the switch - most of them should report their values at the interval of one minute but some of them have a delay of more than one hour.
For my router it is working way better but still not as it should (CPU usage of router is between 0 and 2%).
Zabbix in general does not seem to have a problem with SNMPv3 since other devices (NAS etc.) have their items reported properly in the given interval time.

I cannot see a high CPU usage using SNMPv3 on the switch. It is at about 2 to 3%.
Using SNMPv2 works perfectly fine.

Is there anything else I can test to find the reason for this?

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