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2.4 & 5GHz WiFi gear for very long range (and 5 MHz quarter rate)

Sat Jul 13, 2019 1:35 pm

I'm wondering if anyone has had much experience with long range WiFi including any 5MHz channel WiFi gear, and can name any models or chipsets? I'm also favouring 5 GHz because of less interference. I'm looking at distance more than bandwidth, and around the 50 - 100+ km mark.

I know about some network devices like Ubiquiti airOS and TP-Link PharOS, and I have seen references to a few Atheros PCI devices capable of 5 MHz, but I'm also interested in USB devices well. I'm primarily working on Linux. I'm also looking for external antenna connectors, but not required. (I'm already looking at buying a pair of Ubiquiti Litebeam ACs.)

As a side note, with the RF inverse square law and halving bandwidth gives an extra 3dB, dropping from 20 MHz to 5 MHz effectively doubles the distance I can do, so every bit helps.

Another thing I have noticed is a lot of devices measure their output in dBm from the supplied antenna, so my AWUS036H really only puts out 24dBm, which makes me a little less enthusiastic about believing dBm values.

Also, if anyone is interested, once I start doing some testing, probably in a few months, I can post some updates here.

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