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DHCP Snooping not working with firmware 6.45.1 on CRS328

Tue Jul 16, 2019 11:04 am

Test on CRS328 (PoE Switch)

My Configuration and connected ports
1. create bridge name bridge1
2. add all port (e1 - e24) on bridge 1
3. on bridge1 check dhcp-snooping and option 82 (for enable this features)
4. on ether 1 (connected with rb4011 dhcp server) check true on trusted
5. other ports uncheck trusted
6. on ether8 connected to other dhcp server (testing)
7. other port connected to computer with dhcp client

test on 2 firmware version
test the step on firmware 6.43.13 it working
test this step on firmware 6.45.1 it not work

advice me if i configure wrong
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