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Neighbour broadcast bug in long-term stable branch

Fri Jul 19, 2019 4:53 am

Hi there,

Since v6.44.x there has been a bug with the neighbour broadcasting on mesh interfaces where the message is either not broadcasted or not received. This happens even if the discovery settings is changed to include all interfaces.

I have repeatedly escalated this to Mikrotik and repeatedly tested subsequent versions in the hopes of this issue being resolved but it still has not been resolved.

Date bug reported to Mikrotik: 27 Feb 2019 (supouts provided).
Last good version: 6.43.12.
Affected versions: 6.44, 6.44.1, 6.44.5
Untested but expected to broken: 6.44.2-6.44.4.

I tested 6.45.1 as well as this claims "discovery - show neighbors on actual mesh ports;". It started out promising by showing some wds ports on ip neighbours but they went away after a few minutes and never came back. Even after changing the neighbour settings again to all instead of !dynamic and they never came back. Supouts provided to Mikrotik again.

For our product offering we have no choice but to use mesh.

We are now blocked and unable to upgrade to any new ROS as this bug affects vital functionality.

Mikrotik, please assist.

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