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[Off Topic] Usability of MIkrotik Forum

Tue Jul 23, 2019 5:35 pm

As there doesn't seem to be a general forum for discussions about the phpBB platform used for the Mikrotik Forum, please let me say what I need to say here in the "General" forum, though it is not related to RouterOS. I recently signed up to use the Mikrotik forum. I registered a few days ago (admins: I registered 7/20/19 with username n3rdx) and made two postings. As a veteran user of Mikrotik since 1996+ I was asking about (AFAIK) paid maintenance contracts, and also something to do with RouterOS.

Well, today I tried to log in, and found my account deleted//non-functional. So, had to register once again. I also noticed the postings I sent in (that had to be approved) never made it.

So, (1) Should there not be a discussion forum for "Forum" usability discussions (2) Is there anyway to recover the lost submissions?

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