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Airprint (multicast?) problems in network

Wed Jul 24, 2019 12:22 am


my network is growing bigger and bigger, and I am starting to have weird problems with Airprint and sometimes even winbox connecting to mac addresses.

CCR1036 router/gw/fw, connected with 10Gb SFP cable to CRS317 (all ports in bridge, works like a SFP switch), and from CRS317 two SFP cables to CRS326s (in bridge),
and some fiber SFP to other CRS326s, RB2011 (everything in bridge) and also some 3coms and now also some tp-link core routers

Roughly 500-600 devices on network - ~25 wifis (mostly cAP), 20 printers, some cameras and the rest are computers, phones etc.
We are using /21 network, all devices can see each other, from the ip side everything works like a charm - pings <1ms, no lost packets.
Mostly using 6.44.5, some 6.43.16.

Now to the problems:
1, Airprint - all the big printers are fine (Canon iR-ADV). But the small Canons - mainly MB2750, and some (or maybe all) MF633 are disappearing in the print window, If I restart it, reconnect/restart wifi etc, usually I can see it again, print one page and it disappears again. I have tried the canon utility for iOS, and it works the same, works at the beginning and then says it cannot communicate.

I didn't have these problems at the beginning, and it seems it's getting worse with increasing amount of devices. Computers are fine if they print through printer's ip address, search for new printers is often not showing them like iOS devices - airprint probably works similar there.

I can see everytime the big Canon printers (iR-ADV), HP T120 and some other HP's and also some pixmas. I don't know if this is Canon-related problem, but the printers worked better previously.

I tried to set the Multicast helper to full, no difference.

2, sometimes when I connect with winbox to mac address, it instantly quits and this repeats a few times, connecting to ip works fine. I don;t know if this may have some connection to it or not.

Has anyone seen/solved something like this? than you

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