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Omnitik U-5HnD dead after upgrade

Thu Jul 25, 2019 11:49 pm

Hi all,

After the upgrade (from system package update check-for-updates) the omnitik didn't work anymore. As explained by unique82 in an already closed topic.

thanks for your help


I copy your message from the topic viewtopic.php?t=107013

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i searched forums but havent found similiar problem so i post it here.
Omnitik UPA-5HnD doesnt have internal reset jumper it has only reset button.

We have quite an issue now, some of our omnitik's will just die after upgrading them from software which they come to our company with, its usually some 6.*+
We always try to upgrade them to 6.36 stable version. Some of those device will just die and it kinda mystery for us.

After uploading sw i reboot them and they just wont come up again they just beep once, blink ethernet ports 3&4 and over and over again.
I tried everything from reseting to defaults(which doesnt work) to trying to fix them with netinstall, but no luck.
I have more then 5 devices with this isseu on my table, any advices? can upload a video from booting process.

Thank you.

EDIT> vidoe is here

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