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Script - ping 'watchdog' - high latency

Sat Jul 27, 2019 3:59 pm

Hi all,

Having looked at various other forum posts, I'm trying to find a script to replace the System Watchdog.

The reason for this is that often when my DSL connection loses sync, the PPP login on RouterOS gives up re-trying to establish PPP after a short time. This then requires either the PPP interface to be disabled/re-enabled, or the router rebooted to re-establish the PPP session.

I have a fault on my DSL at the moment which means I have high latency and some packet loss, which is causing frequent unnecessary reboots via the default watchdog.

Thus what I am looking to do is have a script that when testing ping, I can specify a timeout value that can cope with the high latency, and also specify a number of acceptable lost packets.
Ideally, I would get the script to disable/re-enable the PPP client interface, rather than rebooting the router.

I can't seem to decipher how to do this based on the scripts I've already seen shared. Can anyone help?
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