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Wed Jul 31, 2019 11:08 pm

Hello to all

I have CCR1009 in main office. On 7 different location I have wAP LTE Kit (Lan port iz connected to internet on location)
All wAP Lite Kit are with VPN connected on my CCR. Wireless interface on them are used for Hotspot internet, so hotspot server in on every wAP. Radius server (Userman) are on CCR.
So client authentication is done on main offiice (CCR1009) AND clients use "Local internet" or to say internet on location where are wAPs.

My question is, IS IT POSSIBE to have ONE HOTSPOT server on CCR with one IP pool (and RADUIS server) so IP pool and authentication is DONE from CCR B U T user (after authentication) use "Local internet" ? Not to be ruted over "local internet" to CCR and then the to internet ? CAPSMAN on CCR controles all wifi interfaces on wAP LTE kits.
I setup this but like i write, on every wAP in HOTSPOt Server (, and only authentication is done on CCR

Thank you

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