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RouterOS update through external explicit proxy

Fri Aug 02, 2019 1:15 am

Hi all,

Between my MikroTik and Internet I have explicit proxy on port 8080 for web traffic (80 i 443).
In order to go to the Internet I have to setup proxy IP and port within my browser and everything is working fine.

I had a problem when I wanted to setup my MikroTik to also use this proxy for checking and downloading RouterOS updates.

Tried to mark packets from output chain and use srcnat rule to "translite" 80 and 443 ports to my proxy port, but this seems not to work.
When I click check for updates, via Torch I can see packets leaving router with proxy destination port, but my check keeps "timeing out".

Does anyone have some idea what is going on here and how to set this up correctly?

Thanks in advance and kind regards.

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