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WDS and DHCP - Possible?

Tue Aug 06, 2019 12:46 pm

Hello all, I am still new to this world so I hope I can explain myself correctly. I currently have a lab set up with three MT routerboards all running 2.18.6. My situation is this: All three are running WDS sucessfully. I can plug into any of my ether2 ports and ping all of the other enet ports on all radios. So I think that part is okay. My problem is this. In the real world I will need to have one of these sites run dhcp on one of the wlan interfaces. It doesn't seem to do it though. I have gone to one of the MT boards, configured DHCP on of of the wlan interfaces (obviously using a different IP range than the WDS) and it accepts it. Some data:

wds1: ip address =
wlan: ip address =

The DHCp server says it is running and I can't detect any problems. Now, when I plug in my wireless card or use a CPE to try and get an address from that particular AP, it won't do it. Does anyone know of a reason for this. My only thought thus far is that the WDS interface thouroughly controls the wlan and won't allow it to also function as a AP (i.e., for a hotspot). Am I just doing this wrong? Any help will be most appreciated.

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