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OpenVPN, Freeeradius, OpenLDAP user session can't be deleted.

Wed Aug 07, 2019 2:50 pm

I think that I have created this post on the wrong place so this is re-post of my old post. Old one is deleted.

Does anyone have problem with OpenVPN connections using radius and OpenLDAP as database for users?

My system is CCR1036-8G-2S+
RouterOS 6.43.4

I have almost 100 users (50 to 60 active at same time). OpenVPN uses Freradius for authentication. Freradius pull's all data from OpenLDAP base (username, password, framedIP).
Users can have only one active connection at the same time but for some reasons this limit is not honored.
User can connect for second time and then his interface is named ovpn-xyz-1 while original connection still is active named ovpn-xyz
On PPP - ActiveConnections tab state is similar. When I try to delete older connection, action succeed but after few seconds connection returns with same data as before. New connection remains as only interface but in PPP I still have 2 connections with different ID's. Only reboot fixes this.

There should be no session timeouts and this is requirement.

I have rebooted router and all operations are normal now.
Also, RouterOS is now upgraded to 6.44.5

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