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Theoretical: Using multiple MikroTik boxes to create virtual line

Fri Aug 09, 2019 10:06 pm

Wasn't sure how to explain this in the title. But essentially we are dealing with the following scenario.

The main house is located up on the hill. Inside of the house is a wiring cabinet with a HEX router. Approximately 350-475 feet down the road is a gate controller with an intercom box. This intercom box is part of the same system that is located up inside of the house. The intercom system sends a signal to open the gate by cycling the power. All of this works great.

The problem is that the intercom has to be directly connected from the outside unit to the controller in the garage. It is not discovered by being connected to the network via an IP it is a direct connection. The distance between the house and the unit appears to be too far to establish the power to the unit for it to work. However, if I plug in a computer at the location of the unit the line establishes no problem with power on both ends. Which leads to a curious question.

Is it possible to link MikroTik routers together to create a singular 'virtual' ethernet line of sorts? Meaning if I put a MikroTik switch down in the box I will establish a good connection between the switch and the router. Would it be possible to plug the intercom into let's say port '5'. Then run a line from port '4' on the RouterOS into the intercom and somehow bridge those ports together to allow communication to flow between those two locations (but outside of everything else happening in the router).

This might be a far fetched dream. But we have all of this technology on-site and are hoping to avoid purchasing extenders or converting the line types, etc - to establish the connection.

Thanks for your thoughts!
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Re: Theoretical: Using multiple MikroTik boxes to create virtual line

Fri Aug 09, 2019 10:50 pm

Look at EoIP tunnel (/interface eoip). Set one between the two Mikrotiks, remove one Ethernet port on each Tik from the main bridge, create a dedicated bridge on each Tik, and make that Ethernet port released from the main bridge and the /inteface eoip members of this new bridge. Done.
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Re: Theoretical: Using multiple MikroTik boxes to create virtual line

Sat Aug 10, 2019 12:30 am

Or just set up a dedicated vlan.

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