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Traffic prioritisation in ROS

Tue Aug 13, 2019 5:35 pm


I have a matter with my TiK's and i dont know how to start with.
My network in global mean represent a star model thru vpn (pptp at now) tunnels.

I have a cloud Tik, that fulfills a role of vpn server, and also CapsMan server.
And also i have second that fulfills a hotspot role.
These Tik's connected with each other thru EoIP tunnel.

CapsMan manages my AP's thru vpn tunnels and i have 2 templates for provisioning :
First is a technical WiFi network with local forwardind and second a Guest WiFi with a Cap'sMan forwarding and a second network distribute DHCP service for Clients from HotSpot role Tik thru EoIP and further thru VPN.

In each office i have some technical services that can work with my LAN servers and also can work with external servers.
For example of LAN servers and services i can mention an access control system.
In turn, external service is a banking pay system.
So one part of my important traffic can route into vpn and another can route into WAN.

And completly unsolvable condition for me:
In a few of my distant offices i have unstable radio channel, so bandwidth can shift between 4 and 10 Mbits/sec

I need to priority my important services above general unmarkable traffic and a guest's WiFi traffic that should handle with lowest priority.
1. Banking pay system traffic
2. access control system traffic
3. Technical WiFi and LAN traffic
4. Guest's WiFi traffic

I have no any experiense in QOS configution and so i tried to find some information in network, but i cant put all my conditions in one model.

So i have a questions:
In all guides i found, i should tune QoS with set "Max-limit" variable (value of my wan bandwidth). Can i someway tune priority without it for my radio (unstable channel) ?

What is a best way to separate my general traffic from my guest's WiFi traffic in relation to the model i describe?

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