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Error Inability to create supout.rif file | Users Delete | Unable to Delete Fils

Posted: Wed Aug 28, 2019 5:30 pm
by soportemgrupo
Hello! im having this issue where all the users were deleted and i cant create the supout.rif file.

Im trying to delete files of olds back ups, to see if it was a full disk problem but it wont let me, it says "couldnt remove file "file name " - action faild (6) and since we cant do that we ara stuck with the debug.

The Router is Mikrotik CCR1009 The Firmware is the v6.43.2.

We know that if we restore the router and performace a Netinstall and then upload a back up we can get thinks back to normal, but witout knowing the cause we dont wanna do it

Gratefull for any kind of help