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Check-for-updates cache

Posted: Fri Aug 30, 2019 10:50 am
by NetVicious

I'm trying to install in some devices the last RouterOS update and I'm getting the "already up to date" message in some devices.
As I see on the website, and in other devices I manage, the last one it's the 6.45.5

Obviously it should be a cache related question. That device has the web-proxy disabled and on that network I don't have any proxy or cache. It could be a ISP cache of course, but the question I'm doing myself it's if the http query to RouterOS does it's using or not the no-cache header ?

A reboot doesn't helps.
[admin@XXX] /system package update> set channel=stable
[admin@XXX] /system package update> check-for-updates 
            channel: stable
  installed-version: 6.45.3
     latest-version: 6.45.3
             status: System is already up to date