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srcnat Pool on CGN

Sat Aug 31, 2019 2:45 am

Hello all, wondering what the best way is to implement an IP pool in a CGN. We have several PPPoE servers that all nat to ONE public IP, and I would like to change that so all the CGN IPs NAT to a pool of public IP addresses. I've tested two methods:

1. Just using a x.x.x.x-x.x.x.x in the to: field in the srcnat rule. That seemed to work okay. Different hosts received different public IPs, but not evenly.

2. Netmap with two rules, 100.x.x.x/24 to x.x.x.x/30 (public block). This worked as well, but also not an even distribution. Although I'm sure its not necessary as one public could hand many hosts.

I haven't tested extensively enough to know which is better. Has anyone used an implantation like one of these two with success? Or is there another way that I haven't found yet? Thanks for you input!

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