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Posted: Sat Sep 07, 2019 3:52 pm
by copperfield
Marvel at the beauty of famous Ha Tinh tourist destinations

Coming to the North Central region, an attractive discovery site that attracts many tourist areas that we cannot help but mention is Ha Tinh tourist area.
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Ha Tinh is famous for its beautiful natural scenery captivating people. In order for you to better understand this romantic land, I would like to share the following article.

I. The ideal time to travel to Ha Tinh

In order to help you have a convenient trip to Ha Tinh, I would like to share my experience about choosing a suitable time to travel to Ha Tinh. Ha Tinh climate is divided into 2 distinct seasons: rainy season and dry season. You should visit Ha Tinh around April, May, September and October, because this is the time when the weather in Ha Tinh is quite pleasant and cool.

II. Discover the magical beauty of Ha Tinh tourist area
1. Thien Cam Beach

Firstly, the most attractive destination in Ha Tinh travel journey that I want to share with you is Thien Cam Beach. Thien Cam Beach is located in Cam Xuyen district. With the peaceful and tranquil scenery of the blue coastline, white sandy beaches, this place is known as the most beautiful beach in Ha Tinh attracting many tourists from near and far. If you want to have a great vacation, do not miss this interesting destination!

2. Hoanh Son Beach

After Thien Cam beach, the attractive destination in Ha Tinh tour that I would recommend to you is Hoanh Son beach. tour registration. Hoanh Son Beach is located in Ky Nam commune, Ky Anh district. Possessing a pristine, pure beauty, this place has become one of the most exciting and exciting backpacking places for backpackers. Coming to Hoanh Son beach, in addition to the opportunity to immerse yourself in the peaceful natural scenery of the beach, you can also "conquer" the horizontal pass - a pass associated with national heroic history, or admire the beauty. imposing of the Hoanh Son mountain range.

3. Trai Tieu lake eco-tourism site

Next, the famous destination that you cannot miss in the Ha Tinh travel itinerary is the Ecotourism Lake eco-tourism site. Trai Tieu ecological zone is located in My Loc commune, Can Loc district. With fresh and peaceful space, this place has become an ideal resort for Ha Tinh. Coming to the eco-zone, visitors will have very interesting experiences such as fishing, yachting on the lake ... If you want to find a quiet space to relax after a tired working day, do not miss the point come to this attraction

4. Ke Go Lake

Ke Go Lake is the next interesting destination in Ha Tinh travel journey that I want to share with you. Located in Cam My commune, Cam Xuyen district, possessing a length of nearly 30 km2, Ke Go lake becomes the largest artificial lake in Ha Tinh. With peaceful and peaceful scenery, this place is chosen by many young people as an interesting camping site.

5. Fork copper fortune

Not only fascinated by the peaceful and poetic landscape, Ha Tinh is also famous for many heroic historical sites of the nation, including the Dong Loc junction. Located at the trail through Truong Son mountain range of Dong Loc town, Can Loc district. This is where 10 young women who volunteered have sacrificed themselves to protect the country in the anti-American resistance war. To commemorate the courage and immortal patriotism of the warriors that day, our people built the Dong Loc junction relic. If you have the opportunity to Ha Tinh, do not forget to visit this heroic land!

6. Monument to the great poet Nguyen Du

After the monument of Nga Ba Dong Loc, an attractive destination that I would like to share with you is the memorial monument of Nguyen Du. Located in Tien Dien village, Tien Dien commune, Nghi Xuan district, coming to the souvenir area, visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the career and life of Nguyen Du.

7. Huong Tich Pagoda

A famous spiritual sightseeing place of Ha Tinh that you cannot ignore is Huong Tich Pagoda. Located in Hong Linh Mountain, Thien Loc Commune, Can Loc District, coming to this place, you can not only immerse yourself in the fresh air of the majestic mountains and forests, but also have the opportunity to admire the ancient architecture of the pagoda "Hoan Chau the first famous name".

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8. Cua Nhuong fishing village

Finally, the discovery point in the Ha Tinh travel journey that I would like to recommend to you is Cua Nhuong fishing village. Cua Nhuong fishing village is the name of a fishing village located in Cam Nhuong commune, Cam Xuyen district. Coming to this place, visitors will have the opportunity to see the scene of the bustling fish market, with many different types of sea fish. If you want to go to Ha Tinh to watch the sunset on the sea, and enjoy the delicious taste of sea fish, do not miss this wonderful destination!