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Guidelines for changes when switching VPN To Wireless.

Mon Sep 09, 2019 12:39 pm

See the magnificent beauty of Minh Long Waterfall in the middle of the thousands

Quang Ngai is known for many attractive tourist destinations, with its own characteristics. However, there is a beautiful scene that is still quite unknown. That is Minh Long White Waterfall. You can see more articles >>> Latest Quang Ngai Travel Experience

This place is considered one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Quang Ngai province because of its magnificent and pristine beauty.

I. Where is Minh Long White Waterfall?

Minh Long Waterfall is located in Tinh Do Hamlet, Thanh An Commune, Minh Long District. This place is located about 23km southwest of Quang Ngai city center. This peak is hidden deep in the mountains, white foam is released all year round. Perhaps that's why the people here named this place the White Waterfall. du lich viet

Because there have not been many people exploring, most of the places still retain the original and clear features inherited by Mother Nature. In recent years, White Waterfall has become a favorite destination for enthusiasts in the summer and on weekends.

II. Travel experience Minh Long White Waterfall
1. Directions to
Because the distance is not too far and difficult to go, you are free to choose transportation such as motorbikes, cars or buses. You can rent a motorbike in the city center with the price from 80,000 VND to 120,000 VND / car / day. White Falls now has parking for cars and motorcycles, so you can feel secure when traveling by personal vehicle offline!

Motorbikes, cars: If you travel by personal means, from the center of Quang Ngai city, you move southwest to the town of Cho Chua, Nghia Hanh district. After that, you go through a small pass to reach Minh Long town. From there, just go another 5km to get to White Waterfall. Currently, the road to White Waterfall has been paved so it is quite easy to go. However, there are still some quite steep sections, so you need to pay close attention to watch and keep the steering wheel firmly on the move!
Bus: Every day in the city there will be many bus routes Quang Ngai - Minh Long. The bus fare is VND 16,000 / time. You only need to get off the bus at the foot of Thanh An bridge, then take a taxi or motorbike taxi to reach White Falls.

2. What time should I go to White Waterfall?

Because it is located in an area of ​​tropical monsoon climate, the temperature here is relatively high, less volatile with two distinct seasons. However, according to the experience of many previous visitors, you should visit Minh Long Waterfall in the summer, specifically from March to August. At this time, the rainfall here is very little. Because of its location on the mountain bed, the climate is relatively cool, suitable for outdoor activities.

3. The majestic beauty of Minh Long Waterfall

Minh Long White Waterfall is located in the middle of Truong Son mountain range with the height of more than 40 meters. The waterfall is surrounded by greenery of hills and trees. From the vertical rocky slope flowing down to a stream of clear, cool water makes the surrounding space extremely romantic and lyrical. The waterfall is divided into three branches, of which the leftmost branch is the main one. The other two branches are secondary branches, which usually flow less water.

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At the foot of the falls are two natural deep lakes, hundreds of square meters wide. The water here is clear and cool, very suitable for visitors to relax, slowly listen to the waterfall falling in harmony with the birds singing. Not only that, these two lakes are also the habitat of adolescent species. This fish is the raw material to make delicious dishes, typical of Quang Ngai land. If you have the opportunity to come here, do not forget to enjoy the taste of these dishes!

Above are some details about Minh Long White Waterfall that we would like to send to you. Hopefully, through this article, you have gained useful experiences for your trip in the future.
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Re: Guidelines for changes when switching VPN To Wireless.

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You'll have to adjust routing settings.

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