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Support question

Posted: Wed Sep 11, 2019 4:20 am
by chico000
Hi all,i would like to show you an answer from MikroTik after a support request:

Check the CPU usage of the router during this bandwidth test. If none of the CPU cores are reaching 100% then the issue is elsewhere.

Best regards,
Emils Z.
useful isn't it?
I described my problem and attached the supout file as requested but no help only check cpu it's your problem.
Maybe there are all working the ROS7 and they have no time to read my mail and answer correctly. :lol:
Btw no one cpu is reaching 100%, yes the problem is elsewhere but if i know what was i din't write to the support.

Re: Support question

Posted: Wed Sep 11, 2019 8:44 am
by normis
Nobody can understand your issue until you also post your original question.

The answer seems fine. If your CPU is not loaded, it means the router is not even reaching it's full potential.

Re: Support question

Posted: Thu Sep 12, 2019 7:39 am
by chico000
Hi Normis,
you don't get the point.
I don't need support from the forum but from MikroTik, so i write to the support.
You don't think the answer is superficial? For you this answer can help me in my issue?
I really don't think so, i think that nobody check my supout file but no problem, lets see if you can help me.

Maybe the problem with this superficial answer is i use a Ubnt speed test? this is the only answer i can find but here you are:
The issue was that in PPPoE a client can reach no more that 1Gb/s with a local speed test but in ptp with a /30 assigned the client can reach about 2,5Gb-3Gb/s.
You can check if you want the supout of the CCR1072 with the issue in my support mail.