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SSH problem on RBM33G

Tue Oct 08, 2019 6:47 am

Hi Guys,

from some reason I have a problem to log into MikroTik Cellular Router RBM33G via ssh. There seem to be a memory leak of some sort. Memory usage is steadily increasing and after few weeks the ssh login becomes unavailable. The device is still doing what it's suppose to I can ping it I can long into devices behind, everything looks fine apart from this SSH thing... SSH is the only "/ip service" allowed on our network from obvious reasons :-)

We use exactly same HW and Software and Firmware version on routed cellular modems and there is no problem what so ever.

Since it's cellular modem configured as PtP running GRE tunnel in between DC and remote site. (on private cellular network that's why we don't bother with ipsec ). I have no other option how to log in and those devices and they are all over the country. We'll have to visit those sites anyway but I'd be nice to know if anyone had same/similar problem and what's the possible resolution.

I now have one of those device locally in the office so I can play with it. Any suggestions?

It's doing it on versions 6.41 , 6.44 and latest one I had there was 6.45.2. Now I just have to wait and quietly monitor if it does the same thing in the office and then next step would be upgrade to latest version but I don't think it will help..

Anyway I'll be thankful for any suggestion / idea.



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