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Internet Over mobile devices is not working right

Wed Oct 09, 2019 11:34 pm

So, I work in a company and they have this mikrotik routerboard connected to the ppoe link receiving Internet then they use a bunch of different Radio devices (ubiquiti ns5, mikrotik sxt) as access points to share the net through wifi to other devices over the campus.

now the problem is, all of the computers work perfecty fine, but when it comes to smartphones they act kinda funny.
I can ping with smartphones, i can view webpages through chrome, but all other applications are blocked somehow.
Users can't access Instagram, Whatsapp, Online Games and other stuffs that require internet. only chrome works.
Now if I activate a VPN using tcp i get all the apps working.

I'm new to mikrotik and i don't know what the guy before me did, they dont have the passwords he set on the radios and routerboard. I have full access to routerboard and two of the receiving radios, but i have physical access to all the devices, except the transmitting radios on top of antennas, if necessary i can reset those radios and do a reconfig, I can read, just if you can point me to the right direction or help me with this situation.

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