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Use mAP lite as bridge between PC and GoPro camera?

Sun Nov 03, 2019 7:47 am


I have just acquired a mAP lite and I am hoping to get this working as a bridge between a desktop PC and a GoPro Wireless camera. Please find attached sketch of what I am trying to achieve. Before i start playing around with the settings on the mAP i thought it was a better idea to ask where the competence is.. My knowledge on this is very limited.

I have a desktop PC which can be set to a static IP, this is wired through a LAN cable to mAP and from there it is wifi to the GoPro Camera. Could any of you please guide how to set ut the PC (IP adress) and the settings for the mAP so I can communicate with the GoPro ?

If this works I will get software to control the camera but before i buy the software i would like to establish communication with the camera.

Any assistance is much appreciated :-)

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Re: Use mAP lite as bridge between PC and GoPro camera?

Wed Nov 06, 2019 7:24 pm

In your map lite create a bridge with all the available interfaces..
Then assign a static IP to the Bridge interface in the same subnet as the gopro, for example if gopro has an address of then you can use assigned to your bridge.
After that go to the wireless interface, use as mode station pseudobridge, ssid of the go pro, go to security profile and create a profile with the gopro's encryption and password and then assign it to the wireless security...
That was it...
Now if you connect your computer with the map and you assign the address to your network card you will be able to communicate with the gopro...

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