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Issues with updating RouterOS

Thu Nov 07, 2019 11:32 am

I have hAP AC2 RouterBOARD and I have an issue: I am unable to successfully install the latest RouterOS update on it from within the device.
I tried twice already using winbox and the mikrotik mobile app and every time the update failed and i had to update using netinstall. This is getting quite annoying as every time a new security update comes out, I have to get rid of everything and go thru the annoying netinstall procedure. Could anybody tell me what steps do I need to take to finally get it to work?
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Re: Issues with updating RouterOS

Thu Nov 07, 2019 12:52 pm

Try to download manually the package and move into files of Winbox. Make sure that you move it outside the folder "flash" to load it into RAM memory. Then reboot and see if works.

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Re: Issues with updating RouterOS

Thu Nov 07, 2019 7:27 pm

Could anybody tell me what steps do I need to take to finally get it to work?
That sounds odd. The first step is to check the log after the reboot which should have performed the upgrade. The log should explain why the upgrade failed.

The normal procedure is:
/system package update check-for-updates
it should show you whether a new software is available for your chosen channel (long-term, stable etc.).

Then, you choose either /system package update install (which downloads the ROS and then reboots the router immediately) or /system upgrade package download (which only downloads the file to the ramdisk and lets you reboot manually to actually install it). In either case, if there is a ramdisk space problem, you'll be warned about it and the download is not performed, but I suppose it's not your case.

I recommend to use just download, so that you could see the .npk file in /file print (if the download is not refused).

If the download succeeds but the file is not visible in the list, it looks like something in your LAN is repeatedly infecting your Tik and preventing the upgrade by erasing the .npk files as soon as you download them (netinstall removes this kind of malware so if the next upgrade after a netinstall suffers from this again, the malware must be re-infecting the machine in the meantime).

If the file is there, reboot and do /log print, there should be just a few lines and one of them should explain why the upgrade was not possible.

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