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Packets from the client do not get into the L2TP tunnel

Mon Dec 02, 2019 10:40 pm

net1: <--->[ROUTER]-  <-->[ MK-1 ]- ~~~[ MK-2 ] <---> ne2t:
                                                                       [L2TP Serv]- ~~~ [L2TP Clnt]

Route: = gw: 
Route: 10.10.11. 0/30 = gw:
Route: = gw:

ROUTER - is safe device. Everything that gets into it is sent to the MK-1

1. L2TP tunnel is up
2. Mikrotik MK-1 pings the internal IP MK-2 ( and the entire subnet
3. Mikrotik MK-2 pings the internal IP MK-1 ( and But MK-2 doesn't ping any IP from the network
As I understand, packets from net1 ( do not get into the L2TP tunnel.

What is missing?

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