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CCR1016 do not start the system, kernel loading failed

Posted: Wed Feb 12, 2020 5:26 pm
by geysonpls

CCR1016 doesn't start, just beeps and turns on the LCD, and I can't use Netinstall,
has how to solve?
RouterBOOT backup booter 3.10


CPU frequency: 1200 MHz
Memory size: 4096 MiB
NAND size: 1024 MiB

Press any key within 2 seconds to enter setup..
trying bootp protocol......... failed
kernel loading failed

loading kernel from nand... OK
setting up elf image... OK
jumping to kernel code
(0,0) hv_panic: corrupt hvfs: computed CRC 0xfdf09057, trailer CRC 0xfa169c7a
(0,0) hv_panic: fatal DTSB read miss, fault addr 0
(0,0) fatal: invalid CPA for page 0
(0,0) Saved register dump:
(0,0) r0 0000_0000_0000_0000 r10 ffff_fffd_0000_0000 r20 0000_0000_003c_0780
(0,0) r1 0000_0000_0000_0000 r11 0000_0000_0000_0000 r21 ffff_fffc_0002_b8b0
(0,0) r2 ffff_fffc_0003_2b20 r12 ffff_ffff_ffff_ffff r22 ffff_fffc_0002_b910
(0,0) r3 ffff_fffc_0010_e7f0 r13 0000_003f_fff0_007f r23 ffff_fffc_0002_b8a8
(0,0) r4 ffff_fffc_0004_3a98 r14 ffff_fffc_0013_0abe r24 ffff_fffc_0010_e6a0
(0,0) r5 ffff_fffc_0012_a5d0 r15 0000_0000_0000_0066 r25 ffff_fffc_0010_e688
(0,0) r6 0000_0000_0000_1000 r16 0000_0000_0005_fcb9 r26 ffff_fffc_0010_e690
(0,0) r7 0000_0000_0000_0080 r17 0000_0003_9ddd_4992 r27 ffff_fffc_0010_e658
(0,0) r8 0000_0000_0000_2600 r18 0000_0000_0000_000f r28 ffff_fffc_0010_e650
(0,0) r9 ffff_fffc_0016_3018 r19 0000_0000_0000_0005 r29 ffff_fffc_0010_e660
(0,0) lr 0000_0000_0000_0000 sp ffff_fffc_0003_3c20
(0,0) im 0000_003f_fff0_007f ex0 ffff_fffc_0000_62a0 ex1 0000_0000_0000_0003