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simple queue with overlapping target

Wed Mar 25, 2020 2:54 am

I have follwoing simple queues:

add burst-limit=10M/10M burst-threshold=2M/2M burst-time=6s/6s dst=ppp-wan max-limit=4M/4M name=ppp priority=1/1 queue=default-huge/default-huge target=""
add burst-limit=4M/4M burst-threshold=1M/1M burst-time=6s/6s dst=ppp-wan max-limit=2M/2M name=ppp-all parent=ppp priority=2/2 queue=default-huge/default-huge target=""
add burst-limit=1M/1M burst-threshold=128k/128k burst-time=6s/6s dst=ppp-wan max-limit=256k/256k name=ppp-dmz parent=ppp priority=3/3 queue=default-huge/default-huge target=\
add burst-limit=512k/512k burst-threshold=96k/96k burst-time=6s/6s dst=ppp-wan max-limit=128k/128k name=ppp-public parent=ppp priority=4/4 queue=default-huge/default-huge target=\

I want to limit all traffic to 4M, traffic from other subnets in to 2M and traffic from and to respective bandwidths. Unfortunately second rule (2M) captures all the traffic. Even one coming from, giving them too much available bandwidth. If I set target to instead of "any" it gives the same result - queue ppp-all catches all the traffic giving public and dmz too high limit.

How can I fix that?

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