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Question about MIKROTIK 4001

Thu Mar 26, 2020 11:44 am

Hi all,

we have a company with 50 users, and we are thinking to purchase mikrotik 4001 to control the network and boost the speed by merging 2 internet lines,
so I need your advice about the following scenario:

Creating Hotspot gateway with 50 users account to monitor their traffic, consumption and visited websites logs.

and another question please: if the user try to use vpn, could he/she hide website visits?

it's my first time using mikrotik. thank you in advance
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Re: Question about MIKROTIK 4001

Thu Mar 26, 2020 2:22 pm

A dual wan router does not boost speeds! It provides the total bandwidth that is available for users to share but any one connection from a device will use one or the other ISP connection.
What it does allow is to have failover (redundancy - primary benefit) and an ability to distribute all the available bandwidth fairly or as desired.

The MTs do have quite a nice built-in hotspot capability so I think you are good to go there, the only nagging doubt is how to print tickets to users if that was the intended method.

As for preventing hotspot users from using third party VPNs (like [REDACTED], or even the Opera Browser) or perhaps the more legitimate laptop to corporation connection (client software to company server), I have no idea BUT both scenarios are EXCELLENT questions. Hopefully folks with the proper knowledge will chime in.
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