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DNS cache records

Posted: Wed May 20, 2020 7:37 pm
by jimmyz
Hello everyone,
I noticed some (400+) recordings that looked strange to me, the ignorant.
Could someone please enlight me of what this is about?
ip dns cache all print file=ddx
Flags: S - static, N - negative 
 #   NAME       TYPE  DATA                                         TTL         
 0 S router     A                                   1d          
 1 S 1.0.160... PTR   router                                       1d          
 2   com        NS                           2h36m2s     
 3   com        NS                           2h36m2s     
 4   com        NS                           2h36m2s     
 5   com        NS                           2h36m2s     
 6   com        NS                           2h36m2s     
 7   com        NS                           2h36m2s     
 8   com        NS                           2h36m2s     
 9   com        NS                           2h36m2s     
10   com        NS                           2h36m2s     
11   com        NS                           2h36m2s     
12   com        NS                           2h36m2s     
13   com        NS                           2h36m2s     
14   com        NS                           2h36m2s     
15    AAAA  2444:2444:2444:2444:2444:ffff:79b6:bb74      1h17m10s    
16    AAAA  2444:2444:2444:2444:2444:ffff:7a75:7ba7      1h17m10s    
17    AAAA  2444:2444:2444:2444:2444:ffff:7abf:71bb      1h17m10s    
18    AAAA  2444:2444:2444:2444:2444:ffff:7ac2:81c2      1h17m10s    
19    AAAA  2444:2444:2444:2444:2444:ffff:7ac4:ae8a      1h17m10s    
20    AAAA  2444:2444:2444:2444:2444:ffff:7b7d:717c      1h17m10s    
21    AAAA  2444:2444:2444:2444:2444:ffff:7b89:8ebd      1h17m10s    
22    AAAA  2444:2444:2444:2444:2444:ffff:7b95:95a4      1h17m10s    
23    AAAA  2444:2444:2444:2444:2444:ffff:7c85:7c72      1h17m10s    
24    AAAA  2444:2444:2444:2444:2444:ffff:7c86:9985      1h17m10s    
25    AAAA  2444:2444:2444:2444:2444:ffff:7c8a:84c0      1h17m10s    
26    AAAA  2444:2444:2444:2444:2444:ffff:7c8b:c4b2      1h17m10s    
325    AAAA  2444:2444:2444:2444:2444:ffff:9a99:adb6      1h17m10s    
326    AAAA  2444:2444:2444:2444:2444:ffff:9a9b:99c6      1h17m10s    
327    AAAA  2444:2444:2444:2444:2444:ffff:a58b:b9a2      23h47m43s   
328    AAAA  2444:2444:2444:2444:2444:ffff:a5bf:c787      23h47m43s   
329    AAAA  2444:2444:2444:2444:2444:ffff:a6b2:a27b      23h47m43s   
474    AAAA  2444:2444:2444:2444:2444:ffff:7ba4:88ba      23h47m24s   
475    AAAA  2444:2444:2444:2444:2444:ffff:7ba4:c1b3      23h47m24s   
476    AAAA  2444:2444:2444:2444:2444:ffff:7bbc:9fbf      23h47m24s   

Re: DNS cache records

Posted: Wed May 20, 2020 9:00 pm
by pe1chl
These are names that a system on your local network requested, and that are cached on the router in case they are requested again.
The entries are the root nameservers.

Re: DNS cache records

Posted: Thu May 21, 2020 9:17 am
by jimmyz
Should I be worried about anything?