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NAT rules for L2TP Winbox connections

Thu May 21, 2020 5:33 pm

Hi Everyone,

I have 3 clients which use an LTE service from a local supplier but I monitor their connections from my Dude server I run at my office.
The service provider in question uses some sort of NAT so their "Public" IP is not directly reachable, meaning I use an L2TP connection to my routerboard so that I can monitor and have access to their network for management purposes.
The L2TP works fine, and I can access my office router via Winbox from their connection but not the other way around. I can add the device in the Dude, and monitor via SNMP but when I fire up Winbox it connects but shows no information at all, and after a few seconds it disconnects.

Basically my question is, in order to use Winbox over L2TP are there any special NAT rules I should put in place, on both sides, other than the obvious routes which I've done?

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Re: NAT rules for L2TP Winbox connections

Thu May 21, 2020 8:12 pm

NAT rules in particular are definitely not necessary. To get a more useful advice, you have to provide a more useful input, see my automatic signature below for a mini-howto. There are many ways how to implement a firewall and routing, so nothing less than a complete export from both the central device and one of the clients will do.
Instead of writing novels, post /export hide-sensitive. Use find&replace in your favourite text editor to systematically replace all occurrences of each public IP address potentially identifying you by a distinctive pattern such as my.public.ip.1.

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