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FYI: MOAB outbound connection blocking

Posted: Fri Jun 19, 2020 11:34 pm
by mozerd
Effective in July 2020 a subscription to MOAB blacklist service will include - as an optional choice - OUTBOUND connection blocking.

NEW: MOAB's primary focus is blocking the bad Guys from coming into your network - NOW as an optional add in choice that's included with your MOAB Subscription - blocking outbound connections made by the bad guys from within your LAN's/VLAN's ==> [How in the heck did they get in - You ask?]<== Users in your network can innocently allow malicious scripts embedded in e-mails or infected memory sticks or web links that contain enticements some find hard to ignore and avoid BAM they got you -- these scripts start making outbound connections based on some timed events to their masters - these outbound connections should be blocked. MOAB's outbound connection blocking is derived from various Bad Guys lists that when combined - tracking 12,000+ dynamic ipset entries that contain 20+ million unique IP addresses - updated every 8 hours.