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DHCPV6 Static Lease

Posted: Fri Jun 26, 2020 4:25 am
by jonah1810
Hello trying to run a Dhcpv6 server to set up static prefixes that I can dual-stack queue.

everything works just as expected except for the fact that DHCPV6 doesn't use MAC addresses. and instead uses DUID and IAID. the problem with them doing it this way is static bindings are impossible as the IAID (to my understanding) is based off of a time stamp. The Lease will renew the correct ipv6 prefix if left alone. but if the DHCP Client manually renews or is rebooted the IAID is changed and a new dynamic entry is created. which is then not queued.

How on earth does mikrotik expect you to function a dual stack queue like this?

im not very well versed on dhcp options but if im understanding it correctly you could use Dhcp option #3 to give non temporary addresses


you could create a binding script (I tried but failed) to search the binding menu for a duplicate DUID and then paste the Address-list/Rate/ipv6 prefix to the new lease.

If anybody has success with REAL static bindings please please please help me.

Thank you

Re: DHCPV6 Static Lease

Posted: Thu Jul 02, 2020 7:54 am
by jonah1810

Re: DHCPV6 Static Lease

Posted: Sat Jul 25, 2020 3:06 pm
by Volkk
Did you find any solution to this problem? i am trying to convert the dynamic leases that the dhcp-pd creates but i am not successful since reconnecting the clients creates a new entry in the bindings