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HE IPv6 Tunnel Broker Via PPTP tunnel

Posted: Wed Jul 01, 2020 12:56 am
by kevigizmo
Hi all,

I've got an interesting one to try and resolve,

I've setup a IPv6 Tunnel from HE tunnel broker, it establishes but doesn't seem to be able to ping out to IPv6 Google,
It's established on a public IP but the public IP is delivered via a PPTP tunnel (same idea as public via PPPoE)

I know that HE tunnel broker works under normal circumstances e.g. Establishing via a PPPoE xDSL connection (as that router can ping out to IPv6 Google) but I'll be dropping that xDSL in a few months so need to get it working via the other method,

Has anyone else given this a go (as it's pretty well out there as an idea...)
I had thought trying to use IPv6 mangle but there isn't a mark routing like in normal mangle actions

Thanks in advance,

Re: HE IPv6 Tunnel Broker Via PPTP tunnel

Posted: Wed Mar 31, 2021 10:16 am
by kevigizmo
Hi All,

Bumping post up as lots of visits but sadly no resolution - I'm sure there might be some other users who are having a similar issue,

Just to recap,

HE Tunnel Broker Server (London) --> through PPTP Tunnel which provides the Static Public IP --> HE Tunnel Broker Client on MikroTik

HE sit1 establishes, can ping the ::1 address on the other end but cannot go any further

Have tried a few different things over the last few months since OP was put out there last june, like adding static routes in both IPv4 and IPv6 tables to "point" it to the sit1 tunnel which goes through the PPTP tunnel, but no joy,

If I go over to my other setup which is delivered via PPPoE the sit1 runs and is able to ping various IPv6 devices out on the internet, so the principle works but doesn't seem to want to work going through this PPTP

Any thoughts / comments? :)