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HE IPv6 Tunnel Broker Via PPTP tunnel

Posted: Wed Jul 01, 2020 12:56 am
by kevigizmo
Hi all,

I've got an interesting one to try and resolve,

I've setup a IPv6 Tunnel from HE tunnel broker, it establishes but doesn't seem to be able to ping out to IPv6 Google,
It's established on a public IP but the public IP is delivered via a PPTP tunnel (same idea as public via PPPoE)

I know that HE tunnel broker works under normal circumstances e.g. Establishing via a PPPoE xDSL connection (as that router can ping out to IPv6 Google) but I'll be dropping that xDSL in a few months so need to get it working via the other method,

Has anyone else given this a go (as it's pretty well out there as an idea...)
I had thought trying to use IPv6 mangle but there isn't a mark routing like in normal mangle actions

Thanks in advance,