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Powerline interfaces on bridge with VLAN filtering

Wed Sep 30, 2020 3:45 pm

I am currently trying to integrate two Mikrotik powerline products into my home network. It's a hAP lite with the powerline adapter and a PWR-LINE AP on the other side. I really only need to bridge two rooms and decided to give powerline a try.
First I made sure powerline is actually working. I configured a link, assigned some IPs, was able to ping and did a bandwidth test. All good. Before you ask: They are currently in the same power strip, so that's not it.

My whole network makes use of VLANs, so I set everything up on a bridge. As soon as I add the powerline interface to the bridge and enable VLAN filtering, the link is gone. It's behaving super weird as the PLC tab doesn't show a MAC address anymore and it constantly says that the zero crossing hasn't been detected yet.
The missing MAC got me thinking and I assigned the powerline interface MAC to the bridge - maybe it needs a specific address for the powerline layer 2 and it uses the wrong one now that it's part of a bridge or whatever, but that didn't change anything.

I can really reproduce that: Turning on VLAN filtering on the bridge makes the link disappear, zero crossing isn't detected anymore and the MAC-Address field toggles between empty and filled out.

Is this known? Is this expected? Anything I can do against this apart from disabling VLAN filtering entirely?

edit: Okay, there was one thing I didn't try yet. When I enable VLAN filtering, I set the allowed frame types to "admit only untagged and priority tagged". As soon as I switch that over to "admit all", it seems to work on both sides.
I think I can live with that as I'm not using the bridge interface itself for any services. Nobody should ever get to it. But I have to think about the implications now :D

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