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Problem with TR-069 via DHCP client

Wed Oct 07, 2020 1:11 am

Hi, i have a network with an ACS server (GenieACS) and a DHCP server (on Linux). I'm using a RB751U 2HnD as TR-069 client, managed via Winbox. I have installed the TR-069 client's libraries on my mikrotik successfully, and i can configure ACS's URL manually also successfully, since my ACS server can configure the router.
Now i'm trying to implement the ACS's URL discovery via DHCP, since TR-069 offers the option to use DHCPv4 option 43 to notify the URL of the ACS server. On my server i have configured this DHCP option successfully. My problem is when i run the DHCP client on the Mikrotik, it gets all network information (ip address, server address, subnet mask,etc), and the option 43 is received but ignored. I used packet sniffer and Wireshark and the option 43 is actually there. So I don't know what's happening, why the mikrotik doesn't use this option to complete the ACS's URL?

If someone have ever made this configuration work, i would appreciate your help.

I'm not an Mikrotik expert, just an student, and i speak spanish as my native language, so sorry for bad spelling or grammar or whatever

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