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Is there a way to configure a client to prefer one access point over another in the same range?

Thu Oct 08, 2020 11:06 pm

Hello MikroTik community,

I have a HAP AC2 with two CAP AC's setup using CAPSMAN (v 6.47.4) and I'm interested in knowing is there a way to setup a client to prefer a certain access point over the other but not be permanently bound to that access point?

I'm having an issue where my work laptop is close enough to two access points where it can successfully stay connected to the farther access point until it hits -70 signal for a few seconds, then it will be kicked off that access point to reconnect to the one closer. This is on 5G band. I decided not to lower the tx signal power via CAPSMAN for 5G because from my understanding the tx power settings behave differently for 5G vs 2.4, where 2.4 it's per channel, and for 5G, its reduced power overall.

What I'd like to setup is for any specific client(s) (laptop, FireTV stick, etc.), to prefer an access point over another (that I would configure based on what is closer), but if moving around to still be able to connect to the other access point with the stronger signal or if the preferred access point is down, to connect to the next closest. I'm not trying to do mac registration/binding for client to access point because that would take away from connecting to a different access point if too far or unavailable from the one the client is registered to.

Is this something that is possible? I thought about changing signal rules, but currently accept at -70..120 and was hoping to go a different route.


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