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Bridging and Vlans in Bridged environment

Sat Oct 10, 2020 10:41 am

Hi all,

We have a x.x.81.128/25 subnet that has a CCR1072 with an IP x.x.81.130 assigned at a data canter. The GW for the CCR is x.x.81.129. I can reach both IP's from across the internet. The subnet is on vlan 1066 and it's a fiber connection coming in to a sfp-plus1 port on the CCR. We have another fiber connection coming into the CCR sfp-plus2. it has a Vlan of 3934 that is connected to a local Cisco which in turn has a fiber link across the city to a business that has a RB3011. So access to the RB3011 is across the vlan.

So one link in from Internet - fiber,
Other link is dark fiber to business across city.

We could see the mac of the neighbors show up when running IP neighbors but never the IP assigned to the interface but also cannot ping from the core CCR to the 3011.

How Do I bridge the two fiber interfaces or vlans or all so IP on the 3011 is seen on the bridged network of x.x.81.128/25? When I combine all in a bridge, my connection drops.

So flow is Internet -> Cisco 4900 fiber handoff -> CCR1072 -> Fiber to another Cisco 4900 -> fiber to remote location -> 3011
<-----------------x.x.81.129 -------------------------x.x.81.130-------------------------------------------------------------------x.x.81.141

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